Types Of Genius And Dual Pro Charger To Suit Your Needs

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Many of the machinery that we use today may have need of a battery charger from time to time. Things like our cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, trucks, lawn mowers, ATVs and so on. Considering that these are very important machinery that we use to be productive in our lives one must ensure that they have a good battery charger to turn to.

In choosing a battery charger for machinery of this magnitude you need to rely on chargers of high quality. In cases like these you may want to consider buying NOCO Genius chargers or Dual Pro battery chargers. Both bands of chargers have a long history of high quality and are top notch chargers that are sure to get the job done and leave you satisfied.

NOCO Genius Battery Charger

Genius battery chargers can be found in different models and categories to fit a wide range of applications. As a result you should be able to find chargers which are perfect for sleds, cycles, ATV/UTV, marine environment and other automobiles. In choosing these chargers you may have to choose between multi-purpose chargers and on board chargers.

A multi-purpose genius battery charger is specifically designed to provide users with a lot of flexibility. Hence these chargers will charge, diagnose, maintain and recover a wide variety of batteries. They are also designed to have a quick connection system thus allowing you to move the chargers between different applications or machinery easily. This type would therefore be perfect for those persons looking for a battery charger that would give them a lot of flexibility and easy switching between different applications.

The on-board chargers are built to be tough and hence are very durable. This makes them perfect for applications which involve rugged and wet environments. To suit these applications all on-board chargers are waterproof and hence are perfect for usage with tractors, boats and various equipments. The different models in this series vary based on the number of banks supplied by the charger and each bank provides 10Amps. On-board chargers are therefore perfect for persons seeking a charger to use in heavy duty applications where they can be connected and mounted permanently.

Dual Pro Charger

Dual Pro chargers can be found in five main series, namely the Professional, Eagle Performance, Sportsman, Recreation and Industrial series. The Professional Series chargers are popular in the marine industry. This is because they designed to be waterproof and rugged and are also perfect for both salt and freshwater. They also contain main other features which makes them perfect for application in areas like inland and saltwater watercraft, golf carts, motorcycle, utility vehicles and so on.

The Eagle Performance Series are designed specifically for usage with electric and industrial vehicles. The Sportsman Series charger is designed to be a lot more portable and hence is smaller and lighter than the former two series. Even though they are designed this way they can still be used in many different applications especially in sporting activities both on land and in fresh and salt water.

The Recreation Series is reliable, provides safe charging and is also very affordable. This type of battery charger is perfect for those persons who may just need charging on occasionally and may not need all the features associated with more complicated chargers. It can be used to charge runabouts, ATVs, bass boats, pontoon boats and so on. The Industrial Series can be found in configuration of 1, 2 and 3 banks. These chargers use advance technology to charge batteries to their optimum level and keep them charged for longer periods before charging is required again. It also uses its technology to extend the battery life reducing the need for constant replacement.

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With these two great and outstand brands to choose from and their wide scope of applications you should be able to find a battery to suit your satisfaction. For more information on Genius and Dual Pro chargers more visit impactbattery.com/

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Types Of Genius And Dual Pro Charger To Suit Your Needs

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Types Of Genius And Dual Pro Charger To Suit Your Needs

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